June 14th 2017: Nicole Alexander and Doug Toltzman Summer Of Conspiracy And Chaos

Originally Recorded on 6/14/17

Welcome to Tin Can Media’s “Summer Of Fun Campaign” Where we take the summer of (for the most part) from the toxic and hateful world of politics and talk about all things summer. From John Lehr’s first summer romance to Matt Geiler’s family cookouts in Nebraska, we talk with actors, comedians, musicians and friends about their favorite vacations spots, amusement parks and upcoming summer projects.

So throw some steaks on the grill, chop up some veggies, jump in the pool and grab a cool beer and check out our semi-daily Summer Of Fun chats that will have everyone asking…Politics? What Politics? We don’t need no stinking politics this summer!


What was suppose to be 20 minute non political conversations have of course become one hour conversations riddled with political topics and debate. I guess when you are a political animal such as myself and my friends there is no escaping it. But I swear some summer of fun talk is coming soon. In the meantime listen to me, Dee my good friend Nicole and Doug for the Life Is Hard podcast (on this very network) mix it up about conspiracies and hateful rhetoric and maybe even a little bit about Nicole and Doug’s summer plans.

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