June 16th 2017: John Lehr Summer Loving!

Originally Recorded on 6/16/17

Welcome to Tin Can Media’s “Summer Of Fun Campaign” Where we take the summer of (for the most part) from the toxic and hateful world of politics and talk about all things summer. From John Lehr’s first summer romance to Matt Geiler’s family cookouts in Nebraska, we talk with actors, comedians, musicians and friends about their favorite vacations spots, amusement parks and upcoming summer projects.

So throw some steaks on the grill, chop up some veggies, jump in the pool and grab a cool beer and check out our semi-daily Summer Of Fun chats that will have everyone asking…Politics? What Politics? We don’t need no stinking politics this summer!


Episode four kicks off full throttle with that caveman cowboy of comedy Mr. John Lehr! This fun packed episode of summer deconstruction we talk Slasher Camps, Dishwasher Turkeys and John’s first kiss. This episode is what the summer of fun is all about so dive into our hot deep pool and zany antics as I delve deep into the psyche of John Lehr!

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    See now I feel better. It’s Saturday evening and I have finally taken the time to sit and listen to TinCan’s Man and my Facebook friend, Nick Katsorous interview my favorite actor/comedian, John Lehr. To make the mix even sweeter, Dee Prizer was on this podcast, and although I had exchanged a comment here and there with her on Facebook, I had never heard her voice before tonight. I have enjoyed listening, and thank the three of you very much. ❤️

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      Right on so glad you dug it. It was awesome being on the air with John again I never even have to prepare to chat with him on air we have such great chemistry, -Saucey

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      PS: Just realized I misspelled both Nick and Dee’s last names. I-sro-solly to you 🙏