June 13th 2017: Dwayne Jackson And Comedy VS Political Correctness

Originally Recorded 6/13/17

Welcome to Tin Can Media’s “Summer Of Fun Campaign” Where we take the summer of (for the most part) from the toxic and hateful world of politics and talk about all things summer. From John Lehr’s first summer romance to Matt Geiler’s family cookouts in Nebraska, we talk with actors, comedians, musicians and friends about their favorite vacations spots, amusement parks and upcoming summer projects.

So throw some steaks on the grill, chop up some veggies, jump in the pool and grab a cool beer and check out our semi-daily Summer Of Fun chats that will have everyone asking…Politics? What Politics? We don’t need no stinking politics this summer!


It’s our first episode official episode of our non-political “Summer Of Fun” campaign, and of course we talked politics, race and Bill Maher. Not sure where this little podcast experiment is going, but I also don’t want to take any topic off the table as this is my first time flying blind with no notes, format or even general idea what we will be talking about.

This episode me, Dee and Dwayne talk about Bill Maher’s controversial “N-Word” joke, where the line is between comedy and hate speech (think Kathy Griffin) and what the black community thinks about Bill Maher a few days after his sincere apologize. So press play and fill your suntanned earholes with my sunny disposition for 30 minutes.


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