Dee Does The National School Walkout

After the recent events at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Parkland, Florida, I have found myself in a predicament.
I am a parent.
That could have been my children, their friends, my community.
I find that I am unable to stand idly by while these brave children share their experiences and pledge to take action against a broken system that focuses more on money than lives. Therefore…
I am helping to organize a walkout at my local high school.
The premise is beautifully simple, students and staff (and any parents that decide to join in) will walk out of class at 10 am on March 14th and stay out for 17 minutes. That’s one minute for each life lost last week.
I’ve never done this before and I’ve never marched or walked out or otherwise protested anything before, but this just feels different. These kids aren’t backing down, and they’re not stopping.
It really gives me hope that this generation will create the change that we need in our country. Even my oldest (who just turned 18) just got her voter registration card in the mail today. I’m so proud!
I know this is a topic that is a hot-button issue for a lot of people, and emotions tend to be high when it comes to gun control, but it’s not about taking anything away, it’s about making sure someone who is mentally unstable can’t get a gun- the kid who did this had at least TEN. He bought them completely legally. As if that wasn’t enough, some of the worst mass shootings in the last two decades were perpetrated by someone holding an AR-15 with the capacity to fire hundreds of rounds each second. As if there is any real-world need for putting hundreds of bullets in some sort of crazy alien attacking you.

Watch this blog for updates on the march and what else you can do about the senseless violence against out children that needs to stop.

If you want to join in, you can GO HERE and find your local National School Walkout (or organize your own).


You can HEAD OVER HERE to find out when the next time you can vote is where you live. I highly encourage you to know when to vote- and everyone you know who is of age! Did you know that if 18-24 year olds had been engaged in the last election, that could have been FIVE MILLION more voices heard!

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