Dee Does App Reviews: Key Ring

Oh, you haven’t heard of the Key Ring app?

You. Are. Missing. Out.


So, the key ring app replaces all of those store loyalty cards that weigh your keys down. FABULOUS!

It’s FREE, which rocks, and it does take some time initially, as you do have to take a photo and enter in your info for all your store loyalty cards, but TRUST ME, it’s worth every second. When you’re done you have this lightning-fast app that pulls up your store cards (I usually pull mine up when I’m next in line), and can be scanned at the register, so you get your store discounts every time. Great, right? No more hunting through dozens of cards to find the one for the store you’re shopping at, and it can even tell you when you can get an extra discount somewhere!

There’s really no downside.

It takes up very little room on your phone and hasn’t malfunctioned for me yet- and I’ve been using it for a couple of months. You seriously need to install this app. So click the pics to go get it, or look it up in your app store and stop carrying around all those cards!


    • Saundra McKenzie
    • January 23, 2018

    Never heard of this. I will check it out.

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