Dee Does Kickstarter!

After the weeks and weeks of hearing “do you think this sentence sounds better with this word, or this word?” and re-reading the whole thing about five hundred times, Edward, the sweetest, most amazing kids book ever, is LIVE on Kickstarter!

So, my DH, Nick, wrote this book about four or five years ago, but neither of us can draw to save our lives, so we’d been hunting for the perfect artist to illustrate the book, and finally found it in TheSuperUgly– here’s some of his previous work:




Adorable isn’t it? He’s done children’s books before, too, like this one:


Our book, Edward, has really been a labor of love, and it’s about a little sapling living in a forest full of big trees who don’t really think much of Edward (he is just a sapling, after all). But Edward is afraid of the dark, as most children are, and hears all sorts of noises in the forest that frighten him- until he meets Calypso B. Lightning, a lightning bug who teaches him how to conquer his fears and what’s REALLY out there in the darkness.

The Kickstarter┬áhas tons of different levels- some of them including an audio version of the book that I’ll be performing myself and all sorts of goodies to go along with the book. So please, go check out the Kickstarter, donate, and share with others you think might enjoy this adorable story- we can’t wait to get it finished and published!

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