Choose Wisely

By: Fern Hart

Choices are all around us.

A whirling tornado of options that range from small and seemingly insignificant, to immensely heavy and burdensome life altering shock waves that all lead us to where we are today.

All of these decisions spider web out creating the intricacy that becomes your life.

We give these weight subjectively, incorporating our value system and priorities we hold at the time as individuals. It is not for me to judge the weight assessed by anyone facing these choices at any point along the road, more so for me to try to help give perspective from outside the box. Starting with the bigger choices, in my humble opinion, these are the easier ones.

The big ones.

It is easy to decide what is right and wrong in big life changes. You get a dream job offer, have to move and weigh the security of what life is as you know it, your comfort zone, with the prospect of a more successful life. Logic dictates that it is a good move but of course the fear of the unknown sets in and this is what makes it a perceived difficulty. Change is hard, and ever flowing from birth to death, but in these large life choices, I feel it is easier to make the logical choice, harder to execute if you let emotion rule you. On to the little guys.

The small choices.

The everyday nuances that pop up and have to be considered but are given far less importance. These are the choices that I find most important. How we respond to a Facebook post, how we vet our information, how we react to a loved one when we are having a bad day. I give these more weight for this reason: They are the bulk of your choices. They are all day, every day, and they add up. Quickly. They create a broader picture of who YOU are as a person. How you communicate is essential to what you project and what you project is how you are perceived. Like the larger upheaval decisions that are made, it is important that they are made of logic and consideration and not visceral emotion. I implore you all, project good. Think of the positive result.

How can you create a positive result? Work. Positivity is work. It is a constant reminder to yourself to keep it in check. It is introspection and putting yourself on the other side to see how you would react to your own behavior. It is respect for people as human beings, a basic premise that has somehow gotten lost. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t want a bunch of sunshine and rainbows plastering my Facebook feed 24/7 or never to have a disagreement with someone, that is for sure. Quite simply stated, communicating effectively with respect is ESSENTIAL to creating a positive outcome.

Sometimes that will be to agree to disagree and that is okay. It is all about the choices we make to see people as valid and with as much worth as we have for ourselves. Let’s start making some good choices. Especially the little ones. You are accountable for yourself.

Your Tired of the Hate Tin Can Friend -Fern Hart


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