The Twisting Of The Self

By: Fern Hart

I feel like I walk among pretzels. At times I am one, but mostly I watch as they bumble on their two little nubs, barreling through life with their emotions wrapped up in their being, unable to separate the salt from the bread.

It’s a tricky game, right? I mean, on one hand you have the well of feelings. They spring up at some of the most inopportune times causing a reaction that, well, you didn’t exactly plan. Always down there churning, gurgling, waiting for the lightning bolt of life to tap in so they can grab hold and rise from the depths. We feel the anger, hate, love, resentment, or joy start to lift its way through our bodies and we twist it. Wrap it into our intellectual thoughts and let it go in a flurry with justification that defies logic and becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy of division and strife. Others, well, they stuff it down deep. Each and every feeling being pressed against one another until it’s hard to tell where one begins and one ends.

Then, the explosion. A nuclear blast the likes of which you most likely despise, did not plan, and causes immense collateral damage. A response you feel is worthy of the hurt and anger screaming inside your heart and soul. Shards rocketed defensively toward the catalyst of your perceived slight with no mercy. It ends, finally out of fuel and ammunition, and before you lies the battlefield littered with words and actions that you can never get back. The devastation that ensues is avoidable with a basic understanding that only you are responsible for your actions and reactions. This gives you great strength and power to bend your emotions to your will.

I would say this. Just as the salt is meant to flavor the main bread of a pretzel, so are emotions to savor this opportunity we have with one another. Embrace them, feel them. Untwist your intelligence, logic, and emotion and use all of your experiences for a positive result. People have taken death and turned it into movements. They have taken illness as a motivation to fight for cures. They have taken financial ruin and built empires. Each day, day by day, take the emotions and use them positively. They are just as much a part of you as your physical self. Embrace them, acknowledge them, and use them as fuel for a better life.

Your Twisted Tin Can Friend- Fern Hart


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    This makes me hungry for soft pretzels.

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