Deplorable Division

By: Fern Hart

In a cycle where every political norm has been shattered, where the contest has become a hate fest not only between the candidates but its supporters as well, where is the outrage from the people over some of the comments that have been made during this campaign? Before you jump on the “deplorable” bandwagon, let me just take you on a little trip throughout this cage match and remind you of some of the hate that has filled the election coffers thus far.

As far as Donald Trump goes, he has been the master. More hateful rhetoric has fallen from his lips than any self-appointed savior I have seen in quite some time. Let’s take a look at the things he has said, shall we? He knows more than the generals do. So much so, in fact, that he will force them to carry out his orders, even if it means the bombing and killing of families of terrorists. Women. Children. That what a family is. He downed John McCain because, well, he likes people that weren’t captured. He called into question American Judge Curiel’s ability to fairly adjudicate his case because of his Mexican heritage. He did go on record and say if Judge Curiel were to give him a fair ruling, he wouldn’t say that. By fair, I guess he means that Curiel would have to side with him in his fraud case. And women? Anything from making fun of Fiorina’s face to talking about Ms. Kelly’s bleeding from her eyes and “wherever”, to how if Hillary can’t satisfy her husband, how can she satisfy America. These are just a few, folks. These are just in the last year or so. There is more, OH! So much more.

Hillary is no saint, either. She has been on record saying some pretty vile things herself. Joking about her email scandal, claiming she loved Snapchat because the messages delete themselves. We are so glad you find this funny, Madame Secretary. Let’s not forget her proudest enemies made, by her own admission, are the Republicans. I bet she wishes she could wipe that comment now, just like her servers. Then again, she plays dumb. She doesn’t know what “C” stands for, even though she used it herself, and when asked about wiping her server, she made yet another off the cuff comment “like with a cloth or something?”. Come on. If you are that out of touch, you need not be in charge. Somehow everyone seems to forget her “ C.P. Time “ joke that fell flat, and for good reason. This lines up with the worst of the worst, yet no one seems to remember? I remember. Of course last, and most certainly not least, the deplorable debacle.

These are just some, a few, of the horrible things that have come out of these candidates mouths. Why are we defending them? They are both deplorable in my opinion. Everyone realizes there are more choices out there, right? It’s time to stop voting against a candidate and start voting your conscience. Admit the weakness and understand this: Even if your horse wins, we all lose. Look at third parties, educate yourselves on their platforms, THEN make your decision. Don’t let the fear of not knowing what a third party candidate is about stop you from using your vote to effect change. You have power. We have power. We have to do it together. United we stand, divided we fall. Stand up and force the system to bend to our will.

-Your Hates Both Candidates Co-Host- Fern Hart

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