To Serve And Protect- Not So Much!

By: Nick Katsouros

I know everyone is probably waiting for me to chime in with some great rant of wisdom or snarky remark that defuses our disgust at the almost daily unjustified shootings perpetrated by our out of control police force, but honestly at this point I just feel numb.

I see the same old arguments today that I see every time a cop kills an unarmed citizen. Oh the media is lying to us, the dashcam, bodycam or in this case aerial footage is not telling the whole story, cops have difficult “life and death” jobs and have to error on the side of deadly force so they can make it hope at night…and of course the most fucking despicable argument of all..until blacks stop killing blacks in the inner city they have no right to complain when cops kill them.

So I ask you whats the point? Just like with mass shootings, there is no bottom to this ignorance well…so you can stop asking “when is it enough for us to demand action?” Because the answer to that question isn’t a human one, but a political one.

We as a country are so divided we forget the people who reside on the other side of that political fence are actual human beings just as worthy of love and respect as those who share your same world view. Instead we only see them as the enemy, the reason for our life not turning out the way we wished, the stupid or weak or even evil counter point to our absolutism entitled value system.

Don’t believe me? Think back to just 20 years ago. If a cop killed anyone, even a armed robber running out of a bank taking shots at them, we the people were outraged! Internal Affairs was called in and that cop was investigated more thoroughly then Benghazi! Go watch a cop show from the 80s or 90s. If the cop shot anyone for any reason what you immediately heard was “Johnson turn in your badge” now what they hear is “Johnson report to your union rep and set up a gofundme account” and you wonder why black athletes refuse to stand for the National Anthem? Well I’m wondering why any of us do, so how do you like those apples!

We all need to look beyond who is Liberal or Conservative, Gay or Straight, White or Black, Christian or Atheist and start to look at each other as fellow humans again who share the same fears, hopes and goals for themselves and their families…then and only then will we have EARNED the right to ask the question “How many more”

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