It’s Not Easy Being Green

By: Fern Hart

While people watching at Wawa, I noticed a smart car zip through the parking lot. Now, to help you understand my reaction you must understand that this parking lot is a complete and utter Barnum and Bailey experience, complete with three rings and a bunch of clowns who cannot drive well and who JUST want to get their coffee!!! So this smart car zips on through and I had to chuckle. This four wheel Tonka Toy of a vehicle weaves about, avoiding those backing up, walking, and pulling in. I felt like getting a giant penny to place on the back of it, of which that image just made me giggle more. Then I stopped.

Here is a person who most likely has made the decision to go green. I mean, this isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing car in the world, its small, and I am sure I am not the first to laugh at the little tyke. But there it is. In all of its smart car glory. I instantly felt bad for laughing and the meaning hit me like a ton of bricks.

Green energy is attainable, but it has to be on a global scale. Brazil vowed in the late 90s to go green after 20+ years of moving in that direction, and they achieved that. They are now at approximately 85% green capability. Solar, wind, and bio-fuels all play a large part in this high percentage of green output. The drawback? Its expensive. Brazil is having some issues monetarily, drying up credit, and having to reduce the cost to keep the economy afloat. They project in 2016 there will be a slowdown, a decrease, in green production but anticipate that starting to improve in 2017 with a bigger surge in 2018. Ss what does this mean?

Well first lets look at the cost. Do you realize how much tax you pay at the pump? For every gallon of gas you get, it is 26.5 cents. PER GALLON. That is the average of all the states of course, your state may be less, it may be more. That is insane. What about your electric bill? Have you ever stopped and looked at the fees, taxes, and add ons there? I recommend you do so. We are getting gouged by these companies. Whats that? You say the green companies will do the same thing? Well, you are probably right. But hey, at least we will be able to drink our water and breathe.

Next, jobs. Big argument there. What about the J.O.B.S. Creating new industry, creating new companies, creates new jobs. Now they may be different jobs, but they are new jobs. Honestly I see it just that simply.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, fear and entitlement. If you accept logic that an economy can and will thrive on green energy, then you only have fear and entitlement left. I should have the right to burn coal, right? I don’t know how green energy works so I fear it. These are emotions, not critical thinking. Please try to step out of the box and put emotion to the side. Do you still feel the same way? Here in Virginia beach there are a TON of charging stations available, I was quite surprised. I have included a map so you can see just how awesome it can be when a society accepts change for the better and starts to work together.

One of life’s little pleasures for me is people watching. At a bar, in at a restaurant, in line at the grocery store, or anywhere really, you can tell a lot about people as a society by how they treat their fellow man in a random and every day situation. I am obsessed with this, I admit, to a fault sometimes. By simply watching and understanding what is going on around you, a new and interesting perspective can emerge. Let me know what you think below!

Green with Gratitude,

Fern Hart



    • Tasha Cain
    • January 16, 2018

    I dont live far from Virginia and I have never seen charging stations here for electric cars.

    • Reply

      Tasha, thanks for the feedback! Here is a great resource to find a charging station all over the U.S. You can zoom in and out and drag to find stations. Thanks for checking out the article! – Fern

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