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05/12/2016 7:26 pm  

So this is all new to me. Let's see what we can get started in here. We can upgrade to Buddy Press for a cost, which looks more like a Facebook thread with reply and like options, but first I want to see if there is any interest. So let me throw out a topic here and see if it sparks a conversation. Last week the oldest human being on the planet Emma Morano turned 117. These makes her the last person left on Earth who was born in the 1800s. I don't know about you but I have a hard time wrapping my head around such a thing.

Imagine if you grew up in the 1910s and 1920s how insanely different every aspect of life would be. Not just the technological advances but the culture and how we speak to each other, after all I doubt anyone was screaming "Suck My Balls" during the Taft administration. If you grew up in the early 1900s chances are your grandparents either owned slaves or were in the Civil War, to grow up hearing stories from slave owners to seeing a black President would be like us living long enough to make clones of ourselves and seeing cannibalism make a come back. In fact the world of 1899 and 2017 are so dramatically different if someone from 1899 was transported to today their heads would probably explode. This isn't just a different era it's an altogether different reality. I would be willing to bet that no human being has seen as much change in one lifetime as Emma Morano.

So I will leave you guys with this question if you want to chime in. Who is the oldest person you have ever personally known? Did they live past 100? What did you learn from them. Okay let's see how my forum experiment goes here....

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05/12/2016 9:01 pm  

I've known a handful of people in their 80's or maybe 90's...

I think the main thing I learned is that for some inexplicable reason vinegar goes on spinach. And Lawrence Welk is always on. ALWAYS. Oh, and coloring is a neat way to pass an afternoon. And nobody cares if you wear shoes so long as you've got nonskid socks. And you should always have a hard candy and tissues in your pocket.

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