The Summer Of Fun Is On It's Way  


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08/05/2017 11:42 pm  

Hey guys, I know I probably update in here less often than I should, but we here at Tin Can are busy little Fishes? Cans? Drunks? I don't know. Anyway much apologies on the hit and miss show schedules lately, it seems people's sense of time has gone out the window along with their sense  reality...but never fear, we usually at some point get all these shows in the can, pun intended!

So let's do some updates, and those one goes out directly to our 3 fans. The Funny Thing About Politics had to be rescheduled for Sunday May 21st, long story...wait scratch that boring story so I won't bother to share here. Also with much deliberation me and Fern have decided to put our Political Animals Of Pride podcast on hold for the time being...why you may ask? Well several reason. One- the political temperature in this country right now has gone so batshit crazy, honestly unlike the days of The Ignorance Equation where all sides were represented, now all it seems we can do is either preach to the choir or argue realities with people who live in an alternate universe than us. The middle has completely evaporated!. Another reason is we are just flat burned out and summer is coming. All the virtual  and hatred is just not the way we want to spend our summer.

Summers should be about fun and cookouts and family and friends, not about death threats or getting called Libtard Pussy or spending 3 hours trying to convince some raving fucking lunatic that 20 children actually died in Newtown or that Hillary Clinton is not actually running a satanic child sex slave ring out of the back of a DC pizza parlor. So that's why I have decided to dub this summer...the summer of fun! Fun guest, fun topics and fun podcast...a refuge if you will from the 24/7 steady died of anger and rage.

Already added to our super groovy elixir in the coming weeks is White Mystery front-women, the always charming and thought provoking Alex White. Also we have comedian Jim Bruce coming of Kettle Of Fish to talk about his new show on this very network "Bath Talks" The return of Drunken Trivia with wilder guest and zanier questions and of course kicking of our Summer Of Fun...this adorable due...Topher and Rosenberg (pictured below)

So there you have it. No politics, no heavy subject matter, no arguing with assholes or people screaming over top of each other...just fun fun fun until daddy takes the podcast away. -Saucey



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