So Much Cool Coming In 2017!  


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Hey guys not sure who even reads this but I wanted to put a list of upcoming shows up. We have a lot of excellent people confirmed and even more on the horizon. So here's to a better 2017 for us all. And as always any feedback is much welcomed!

Sunday January 8th on

The Funny Thing About Politics: Comedian Christopher Titus

Kettle Of Fish: From Reaper, Deadbeat, Tucker and Dale vs Evil and Super Troopers 2 actor Tyler Labine

Friday January 13th on

Drunken Trivia: Comedian Ember Knight

Sunday January 15th on

Kettle Of Fish: Comedian: Tiana Miller

Wednesday January 18th on

Musical Osmosis: The Featherz

Sunday January 22nd on

The Funny Thing About Politics: Comedian and Bee Keeper Emma Arnold

Kettle Of Fish: From The People Under The Stairs, Twister and Lost Actor Sean Whalen

Sunday January 29th on

Kettle Of Fish: Comedian Lisa Best

Sunday February 19th on

Kettle Of Fish: from Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Actor: Fiona Dourif

Sunday February 26th on

Kettle Of Fish: From Whammy and The Price Is Right Roadshow: Game Show Host Todd Newton

And check back on Tin Can Media for new episodes of Uncustomary, Golden Rule Revolution and The Life Is Hard Podcast

So pretty good start to the year, and so much more to come. Keep checking back here and leave us some feedback about who you would like to see on our shows.


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