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29/03/2017 11:25 pm  

Hey everyone, Nick aka Saucey- Humble Servant Of The People, here with an update on all things Tin Can!

So what a crazy 8 months it has been already. The break with our longtime partner and co-host Badger, many podcast have come and gone in such a short time, and the guest for our shows have reached a level that is exciting and humbling at the same time. But alas we are going through changes, growing pains and a bit of upheaval. You may have noticed that April's upcoming schedule is a little light. Because of Easter, family obligations and our friend April's insane, crazy off the hook birthday party there is not much time for podcasting.

For Rob and Doug of the "Life Is Hard" podcast it's tax season, and well they are in the tax game. Uncustomary is in hold while Mary deals with some family issues, Mike Bushman is taking a break from his Golden Rule podcast but the Padula Show is still going strong!

For us, Dee's podcast Drunk Trivia is about to hit magic number 75, if we can find a place on the road to do it live, Kettle Of Fish in April will on have two episodes, one with John Lehr this coming Monday (Schedule Change due to Fern flying out to Main because of her mother's heart attack) and Fiona Dourif from Cult of Chucky and Dirk Gently. Funny Thing About Politics with guest Paul Goebel had to be rescheduled for May because of previous mentioned Fern family issue, and Musical Osmosis will broadcast one episode on 4/19 with special guest Marie and Katy from The Reformed Whores, who are also playing in Baltimore for April's birthday party end of April.

So there you have it excuses excuses excuses, don;t you love um! We are working on doing some rebranding, we have added our friend Regan to the mix to bring her savvy as hell marketing prowess to the mix, and I have been thinking about starting up my Morning Rants From My Bathroom videos back up again. Keep in mind the whole damn Tin Can crew works day jobs, has kids, and 50 other things going on outside the network. However our mission statement remains true- to bring you guys the most interesting guest and quality podcast out in the universe today.

-Remember: Our shows are only as good as our guest and only as success as YOU the fans allow us to be! Thank you for allowing us the privilege to entertain you. -Saucey


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