Funking Up Politics With Funkmaster V

We’re about to get funking with the Funk Master of politics, wrestling and ghost hunting- Vinnie Vineyard. This episode we talk Trump supporters, Tennessee’s completely dysfunctional electoral system and how the Libertarian party has changed over the years. We also talk about Vinnie’s hyper-ultra groovy career from comedy to ghost hunting and the launch of his new ASY paranormal network.

Had a verbal body slamming good time with a guy I consider to be the most interesting man in East Tennessee (grab a Dos Equis baby!) the Funkmaster himself- Vinnie Vineyard. This episode we try to unravel the reasons behind our current toxic and often twisted political environment and on the personal side, we also got the 411 about Vinnie’s upcoming ASY paranormal network. So buy your one-way ticket on the Funk Train as Dee, Jordan, Saucey and Vinnie try to laugh, think, ponder and pontificate their way through this insane shit show called America 2019.

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