Tin Mayhem: Our Drunken Impulse Episode

Part One of our drunken three hour impromptu episode we started recording eleven o’clock at night for some reason. Or maybe for no reason at all, that is after all the whole point of Tin Candid!

This episode we talked comedy, politics and “whatabouttism” with the always savagely honest and outspoken- Heather Markham aka Mama Creepy from this very network, the beautifully mohawked comedian from Madison- Spencer Graham, my friend, former waiter and one of the sharpest guys I know- Jordan Cook and from the nether regions of the internet, the content generating macabre madman- Mormo.

So press play and listen to 6 very different types of drunken misfits talk about how they are processing our new MAGAlomania, Alt-Side Down Virtuouless Reality.


Drunk, frustrated and a little lonely, what’s a boy to do? Get The Fucking Band Back Together!

Tin Candid was a little experiment I tried earlier this year where I would just jump on air and invite others to join me to talk about whatever. With Fern having to take an indefinite hiatus due to family health issues and the fact that I have either chatted with or reached out to every guest on my bucket list and also as Kettle Of Fish races towards episode 100 promoting us to end that podcast, I think I’ll be doing much more fun off the cuff Tin Candid episode in 2019.

Will this new format be a Resounding Success or a Magnificent Disaster, follow your pals at Tin Can to find out all through 2019. Happy Holidays, Saucey 


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