Helping Helps The Self-Helpless

Welcome to Tin Candid conversations, semi-daily chats with friends, fans, freaks and fascinating folks. Every episode I pick a different co-host from Tin Can and chat with comedians, actors, musicians, and friends about whatever is on our mind that day. 

This episode we chat with comedian Delanie Fischer about the one year anniversary of her hilariously informative podcast Self-Helpless.

It had been far too long since I last chatted with the funny and candid writer/comedian Delanie Fischer. This episode I grabbed that crown prince of nonsense from The Padula Show, James Padula and chatted with Delanie about all things Self-Helpless, some things Social Media and set our way back machine to the good ol days of  Graveyard Picnics. 

So find a nice peaceful space, press play and listen to Dee, Saucey, James and Delanie experience a collective digital catharsis right here on the Tin Can.

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