Age Inflation And Taco Bell Pasties

Welcome to Tin Candid conversations, semi-daily chats with friends, fans, freaks and fascinating folks. Every episode I pick a different co-host from Tin Can and chat with comedians, actors, musicians, and friends about whatever is on our mind that day. 

This episode Saucey teams up with “Life Is Hard” host Rob West to chat with the outspoken and classy Lauren Brenner about the recent suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, Lauren’s podcast Hard 4 Cards, and Taco Bell Pasties.

What’s in the cards for Saucey? Find out this episode when your pals from Tin Can mix it up with the lovely and charming comedian Lauren Brenner. This episode we were supposed to focus mainly on high profile suicides but somehow ventured into the absurd waters of Forrest Gump Pasties, Faux Flag Day Patriotism, and Fake Tits. And we also did find time to have a more serious chat about the recent suicides of Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade, plus Lauren read my (Saucey) cards and talked a little about the second season of her compelling podcast Hard 4 Cards.

So take a digital trip with Dee, Saucey, Rob, and Lauren as we try to unrevealed this knotted up shoestring called life. 




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