Roses Are Red, Roseanne Is Blue

Welcome to Tin Candid conversations, semi-daily chats with friends, fans, freaks and fascinating folks. Every episode I pick a different co-host from Tin Can and chat with comedians, actors, musicians and friends about whatever is on our mind that day. 

This episode we chat with the guy whose page I go to when I need a comedy pick me up, the  fantastical frolicsome and ultra-creative Willy Roberts.

It’s our 2nd semi-spontaneous episode, and this episode we follow up on the conversation we had on Kettle Of Fish with our whimsical clean eared friend, Willy Roberts about the Tweet that sunk Roseanne’s career. 

This episode we talked about the sticky and tangled web known as free speech. The backlash to Roseanne’s racist Tweet. Samantha Bee and the dreaded “C” word and how the race to censor each other will ultimately be our downfall. So strap on that cape, Windex your googles and spend 90 minutes with Dee, Saucey, Fern and Willy Roberts as we try to figure out this nonsensical cosmic Mad Lib called life.

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