Revenge Of The Pod People

Welcome to Tin Candid conversations, semi-daily chats with friends, fans, freaks and fascinating folks. Every episode I pick a different co-host from Tin Can and chat with comedians, actors, musicians and friends about whatever is on our mind that day. 

This episode we chat with one of Tin Can’s favorite people on planet Earth and beyond, the hard working quick drawing Jedi taint of comedy- John Lehr!

It’s our first fantastically fabulous episode of Tin Candid, and there is no other person we would want to launch this 3 month podcasting experiment with than the hardest working cat in comedy John Lehr.

This episode we talk Jedi taints, antiquated payphones and kick some real podcasting stats that might surprise you. We also talked a whole lot of nonsense because with the two or three other structured podcast we do a week, sometimes it’s nice just to talk with no idea where the conversation will take us. 

So grab a beer and a bag of chips and listen to Saucey, Dee, Fern and John Lehr wax comedic and try to get one step closer to figuring out this crazy little thing called life. 


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