Big 12 Hour Tin Can Media Launch Party Update!

This Saturday 9AM-9PM Dee, Saucey, Fern, Duane and Odell will attempt the ridiculous- 12 Hours Straight Of Live Podcasting! As Propagandhi says: It’s word acrobatics preformed with no harness or net! 12 Hours 28 guests, 5 hosts, 4 different show previews…and One Sexy Producer to rule them all!

Believe it or not I am a little bit nervous about this show. I mean 12 hours live with 28 interviews, what can go wrong? Except Everything…

Big Tin Can Launch Line Up Includes:

Authors: Mike Bushman ( Doing On To Others with Forward written by Saucey) at 5PM  and Geoffrey Kabaservice (Rule an Ruin) 11:30AM

Musicians: Al Pist from The Pist, M-13 and The Deacons 6:30Pm, Kim Coletta from Jawbox 6PM, Kory Clarke from Warrior Soul 1:30Pm, Dave Smalley from ALL, Dag Nasty and Down By Law 1PM, metal guitarist Xander Demos 4:40PM, Jaysin from Narcoleptic Youth 5PM and Alex White from White Mystery 4PM

Actor: William Sanderson from True Blood, Deadwood and Newhart 10:30AM

Comedians: Alison Klemp 9:30Am, Caleb Synan 2:30PM, James Bruce 4:40PM, Lauren Brenner 7PM, Matt Geiler 8PM, and Brent Mukai 8:20PM

Ventriloquist: Christine Barger 12 Noon

From Redacted Tonight Lee Camp 12:30PM

Presidential Candidate and Future Tyrannical Overlord Of Earth – Vermin Supreme 4:20PM

Upcycle Magician- Steve Trash 10AM

Alternative Model: Sheila Shawndell 3:30PM

Activist Comedian from “The Muslims Are Coming” and “3rd Street Blackout“: Negin Farsad 11AM

From Reformed Whores: Marie Cecile Anderson 2PM

From the “Don’t Worry About The Government” podcast, political commentator: Chris Novembrino 5:20PM

And From “King Of The Nerds” season 3: Raychelle Keeling 8:40PM

Click HERE this Saturday July 30th anytime between 9AM-9PM Eastern to listen to what may be a complete train wreck or a beautiful moment in podcasting.




    • Suzy
    • July 28, 2016

    I will pee in my pants @noon in honor of Tin Can Media and this great celebratory event. Directly after, I will be taking a bleach bath…
    The Badger, being the nice guy that he is, pledged 7/27/16 in honor of my birthday, he shall also pee his pants at noon and then take a bleach bath!
    Suzette Picard

    • Talk about dedication! You are our only fan who pees to show us their loyalty. A golden star for you. -Saucey

  1. Thanks a million. We are a new site, however we have about 200 archives from 4 different shows we use to do on Blogtalk but now have moved over here. I just put up 6 new episodes today under Kettle Of Fish and Musial Osmosis and all kinds of good things are in the works. Keep checking back here, lots of cool interviews coming up. -Saucey

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