The Benighted States Of America

Totally impromptu podcast we did 11am in the morning while I was drunk and frustrated about the deteriorating state of  our political discourse and body politic. 

This episode all started with a post I made at 9:30am on Facebook, followed by heavy drinking and a morning rant video and ending 9 beers later with this podcast. Hope you enjoy my drunken political frustration.

The post and video that ignited this episode. 

“I can’t believe Hillary Clinton pulled that stunt on The Grammys last night, America has turned into a fucking white trash trailer park. I worked my whole life to get out of the ghetto and now the whole country is one.

Whatever happen to civility, decorum and self-respect. Sure I act like a jackass sometimes but I’m suppose too because I am just one of the worker bees, but our fucking leaders should have a little more class than getting into Twitter wars with Jay-Z or going on Award shows to metaphorically laugh at Trump’s little penis.

What’s next a “Your Mamma” round at the 2020 Presidential debate? A Girls Gone Wild wet tee shirt contest to fund the military? A monster truck rally to decide U.S. sovereignty around the world?

Welcome To The Benighted States Of America, here is your AR-15 and bottle of Vicodin, watch your step!”

This is what happens to your lovable little Saucey when he is drunk and frustrated. Check out my alcohol fueled idiocy below.