Where It All Began….

In 2013 the great rift that had been growing in this nation had finally reached a fever pitch, a disturbing trend that was rapidly moving away from a healthy skepticism of government to a delusional mistrust of all institutions of authority. As the public grew more and more outraged over the systemic corruption that was slowly rotting our nation from the inside out, their anger became misdirected. This caused them to not only lash out at whichever particular power structure they believed to be oppressing and inhibiting them, but also at those fellow Americans who did not completely fall in line with their own particular politics, Religious beliefs, or lifestyle choices. This gut-level anger tore at the very fabric of our country and caused Congress to come to a complete stop as our politicians went from friendly adversaries, exercising the will of the people, to bitter enemies who now engage in "Destroy The Opposition" politics- regardless of the collateral damage. The American people also changed. After years of political correctness suppressing their speech, or at least suppressing their speech without the fear of social consequence, Americans began to rebel in the only way they knew how. They went to war with anyone whose opinions even slightly differed from their own. Out of this furnace of fear, hate, and divisiveness was forged The Ignorance Equation podcast, a metaphorical political baptism by fire. A news forum dedicated to bringing Americans together regardless of political affiliation. Diligently fighting to show we are all Americans first and Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Christian, White, Black, Gay, Muslim, Etc...second. Over the past several years our show has evolved, our format has changed, changed back, and then changed again. However, our mission has remained constant, a mission of creating consensus which many had thought impossible. Compromise where there seemed to be none. Friendships that seem to transcend petty debates and political prestidigitation propagated by today's whitewashed media. Adding to our format over the years have been the creation of many other original podcasts. Following our many passions, we then created Musical Osmosis, Friday Night Drunken Trivia and Kettle Of Fish. Our shows may vary in content but one thing all Tin Can Media podcasts have in common is a unique and open perspective in the way we entertain and inform our audience. Moving forward we will be taking on new voices to add to our network and hopefully with them broaden our scope and bring even more people into our little podcasting family. Thank you, friends, family, and fans for the years of support. I hope you will enjoy our newest venture of housing multiple podcasts, vlogs, and articles by many different perspectives as much as we enjoy entertaining and informing you the listener... Sincerely, The Tin Can Collective.