A Tin Can Road Trip Story

Saucey and Dee get trapped in an elevator, Fern almost gets into a wrestling match over a blow-up unicorn, Reformed Whores rock the house, Vomit, Fire Dancers, Balloon Cars, Bounce Houses, Haunted Hotels and more as we spend 30 minutes regaling you with Tin Can Road Stories!!!

So jump in your car, truck, van or bookmobile and get ready to hit the road with the Tin Can Crew.

Show Notes:

Well our quick 30 minute podcast with just Me, Fern and Dee turned out being an hour and a half podcast, mainly because we spent the first half hour talking about how we were taking a break from talking about politics for a while as we enter the “Summer Of Fun” here on Tin Can Media. This, of course, led to a long discussion about politics!!!

But finally Dee herded us political cats back into the corral known as our original format and it was off to the races. 

It’s been ages since we have done a fun show with just us bullshitting amongst ourselves, and I gotta tell you it felt damn good, although I am a little sad we ran out of time before Fern could tell her wrestling for blow-up unicorn story…perhaps she will share it in the comment thread?  

Anyway not much more to add to the notes here that isn’t already in the show description, if you check out the Tin Can Forum- I recently put up more info about our upcoming “Summer Of Fun” campaign that launches Sunday, June 11th.-Saucey

Hey Look It’s Uncustomary, Dee The Birthday Girl and the birthday girl- The Fabulous April Gomez